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How it all began

ČSOB Pojišťovna is using e‑learning courses as a way to prepare its employees for in‑person product training. The more knowledge employees take from the e‑learning courses, the more focus can be put on teaching the sales representatives practical applications of this knowledge and better preparing them for practice.

Our task was to replace the existing e‑learning course, which was usually completed rather hastily and without much thought by the employees, who then arrived at the in‑person session unprepared.

What we did at Educasoft

The issue of ČSOB Pojišťovna was solved by creating a course that required the employees to understand its contents and to apply all of the taught knowledge correctly. There is minimal theoretical knowledge in the course. The participants solve practical examples that are based on real client issues.

For the participant to continue further in the course, they first need to get the necessary information and solve the problems presented to them.

The course was developed in close cooperation with the internal lectors who guaranteed the fidelity of the information and credibility of individual client cases.

Based on the feedback, the employees are not trying to just “click the questions away.” They enjoy going through them. Sometimes, the course is even completed by employees who do not have it as a mandatory material. It is well‑liked mainly for its interactivity and the original illustrations.

Thanks to the first course's success, we agreed with ČSOB Pojišťovna to prepare more courses for the company.

How did it help ČSOB Pojišťovna?

  • The sales representatives are better prepared for in‑person training.
  • The attractive form makes the course desirable even for volunteers.
  • The employees are also taught sales techniques inbetween product information.

Would you like a similar course?

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