Training for Bobcat dealers on three continents

How it all began

Bobcat is a world‑leading firm in loader manufacturing. It sells its machines via a dealer network made up of thousands of companies and individuals. Sales in this industry are dependent on perfect knowledge of the sales representative regarding the machines and their ability to explain why Bobcat is better than the competition.

Bobcat has contacted us because parts of its online courses were obsolete and outdated. The courses also did not work methodically and technically very well.Our task was to change the online training from the ground up to give the dealers as much information as possible.

What we did at Educasoft

When creating pilot courses, we defined the new form of the courses  closely with the client. Thanks to regular feedback, we could verify that the new concept is working well for the target group. During the pilot phase, together with the client, we could set up a system of work that would allow us to work simultaneously on a plethora of courses.

At this moment, we have created a total of 30 interactive online courses. Most of these are product and business training. We also created video tutorials for service workers that allow employees to get through the course during the machine setup process itself.

The courses are designed for the whole EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and must be available even in local languages. We create the English courses and their language hybrid versions in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

We make the trainings available in the SCORM format and  the client uses them in their own EMS (Education Management System).


  • Better level of knowledge of Bobcat products all across the dealer network.
  • Quality training motivate dealers to prefer Bobcat products and provides competitive advantages.
  • A transit from expensive service trainings to videocourses

Would you like such courses in your company?

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